December 6, 2007

Looking Forward

¨Shadows cannot see themselves in the mirror of the sun¨
- Eva Peron

The varying fragments which make up modern Buenos Aires are a collection of prisms, picking up the alluring city lights and reflecting them outwards. Their dazzling incandescence distracts from a city wrought with contradictions, however. The glittering lights conceal a struggle to keep up with the changes brought on by globalization, and reflections of the future are hazy and uncertain. Yet Buenos Aires is a proud city, a cultural force which has withstood the deterioration of its golden age with its essence intact. Both a reflection of a magnificent past and a mirror into an indeterminate future, the city has not lost its luster, its charm, or its magnetism.

Photography by
Brittany Krupski
The photographs included in this blog are the result of a 4 month trip to Buenos Aires and other areas of Argentina that I made as a student from August to December 2007. They reflect the contemporary city and country as I experienced and perceived them and are meant to compliment the historical and social context that I have learned along the way.

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